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There are 7 methods of machining, which do you know?

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Update time : 2019-11-01 00:31:29
The first one: rapid prototyping technology, which is 3D printing technology

This technology is a new type of processing technology in the current manufacturing industry. It only requires you to program in front of the computer, then install the materials, and the printer will work automatically until the product is completed. The advantage is that the product can reach 100% utilization, which is called green manufacturing. The disadvantage is that the machine itself is more expensive, and the material itself is also special. Not all metals can be used as printing materials, and currently more plastics are used. a little.

Second: CNC machine tool manufacturing

CNC machine tools are processed by processing software such as CAM, CAD, etc., you need to program, process, discharge, or need people to look at it, but the degree of automation is still high.

The third type: robot manufacturing

Robots have very good prospects in the future industry. If they can do well, they are very powerful. However, the current technology is not processed by robots. The so-called robots are repeating one action. Connecting several different robot processing sequences is a complete process. The processing system is very useful at this stage.

Fourth: Computer Aided Processing

The birth of the computer is a huge advancement for the manual processing of human beings to mechanical processing. The use of computers in machining can really reduce manpower and material resources. Improve the precision of processing, but still have great development prospects.

The fifth: 3D software virtual manufacturing

There are a lot of 3D software in reality, you can use them, you can draw the products you need on the computer, carry out simulation analysis, motion, cutting, processing, etc., especially in some precision parts. If it is very small, it is very difficult to realize the cutting and manufacturing. It can only be safely processed by the 3D software after the machining and the simulation of the machining motion, and then the special instrument can be used for the preparation and processing.

Sixth: smart manufacturing

The so-called intelligent manufacturing system is a human-machine integrated intelligent system composed of intelligent machines and human experts. It can carry out intelligent activities such as analysis, reasoning, judgment, conception and decision-making in the manufacturing process. Compared with traditional manufacturing systems, intelligent manufacturing systems have the following characteristics:

1, self-discipline ability.
2, man-machine integration
3, the mirror technology
4, self-organization ability and super-flexibility 5 learning ability and self-optimization ability 6 self-repair ability and strong adaptability.

Seventh: Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Computer Integrated Manufacturing CIM is a manufacturing technology and manufacturing system in a computer-supported information technology environment. It generally consists of four application subsystems and two support subsystems. The four application subsystems are the management information system engineering design system quality assurance system and the manufacturing automation system. The two support subsystems are the database system and the communication network system.