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With the advent of 5G commercial era, the precision machining industry is embracing new opportunities

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Update time : 2019-12-02 21:35:42

The 21st China hi-tech fair (hereinafter referred to as the "CHTF") concluded in shenzhen on Tuesday. The current session of the China hi-tech fair kicked off a 5G application wind, including 5G communications, 5G+ unmanned driving, 5G+8K intelligent security... The future of large-scale application of 5G is coming, and the commercial application of new technologies often brings new industrial chain investment layout. Listed companies in the industry chain of precision machining, such as jinsun (300606) and changying precision (300115), have made great efforts to seize the market opportunities brought by new technologies.


This year is known as the first year of 5G commercial use. At present, the pace of 5G terminals coming to market is getting faster and faster, and the equipment foundation of 5G will continue for several years. In the future, smart factories and unmanned driving will also be involved. At present, the most clear market, the biggest production demand is 5G base station, 5G mobile phone. Among them, 5G phones are the most active. In late July, huawei released its first 5G phone. In early August, zte's first 5G phone went on sale. On August 21, SM released its first 5G phone in China. Vivo released its first 5G phone on August 22.


In the industry chain of 5G mobile phone, in addition to the three major mobile communication operators familiar to consumers, communication equipment operators such as huawei and zte, mobile phone manufacturers such as xiaomi and vivo, there are also many enterprises involved in many links, which need many precision machinery parts processing manufacturers to provide rich intelligent parts processing products.


Recently, long full precision told media research at (300115), each big brand will launch next year 5 g, expect a wave of small 5 g replacement, in the fourth quarter and next year before relatively weak in the first quarter, but not this year, this situation has now expect the Spring Festival will also continue to busy, recruitment and larger demand.


Changying precision mainly researches and develops, produces and sells components of smart terminal mobile phones, provides connectors and shielding parts for android brands, and has provided internal components and external parts for some 5G mobile phones.


With the continuous development of communication technology, the future 5G millimeter wave communication, 5G antenna design, the requirements for mobile phone shell materials are more and more stringent. 5G USES millimeter wave and is very sensitive to metal. If 5G phones use a metal housing, it will directly block signals. So the mainstream of the back cover has shifted from metal to better textured glass. Jinsun (300606), which is mainly engaged in the manufacturing and sales of sandpaper and other coated abrasive tools, has been paying close attention to the development trend of non-metallic material application in the market of smart phone cover plate, keeping a keen sense of the new development of ceramic cover plate and 3D glass, and has laid out relevant grinding and polishing equipment, technology and consumable technology reserves in advance.


At present, jinsun (300606) has established a good interactive relationship with the well-known mobile phone terminal manufacturers, and started to involve in the grinding process at the design end of some smart phones and accessories.


Sandpaper and other products are known as "industrial beautician". It is understood that the sandpaper products produced by jinsun (300606) not only have ordinary polishing and polishing products, but also many middle and high-end products are used for ultra-fine polishing of the shells of Musical Instruments, automobile manufacturing, mobile phones, tablet computers and other electronic products. In addition, golden sun sandpaper can also be used for camera, lens, film grinding and polishing, but also can be applied to the field of medical beauty, tooth modification, skin care.


Industry insiders believe that with the acceleration of 5G commercialization, the iterative update of the profile of the structural parts of the smart phone will bring huge market space and development opportunities for the coated abrasives and related products.


Recently, China telecom research institute released the mobile phone market analysis report, the report shows that China's mobile phone shipments in September reached 36.236,000 units, a year-on-year decline of 7.1%, a year-on-year growth of 17.4%. Nine 5G phones were shipped, totaling 497,000 units, up 278,000 from August. By the end of September, China had released 18 5G mobile phones, with a total of 787,000 units shipped. Great Wall guorui securities believes that 5G mobile phone has become one of the important forces to turn around the declining trend of the smartphone industry. The development process of 5G in the field of consumer electronics is further accelerated, and the peak season of consumer electronics brought by the 5G replacement wave can be expected.